Awkward Dinosaur

from by Pepin

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I came up with the title and just had to make the song. It's like when life gives you bacon and you just have to cook it. A similar analogy for vegetarians would be: when your wife gives you cold feet.

Anyway, from this emerged the concept that if I came up with a song title I liked, I must make it into a song. Thus, the Awkward Dinosaur was cracked open from the egg and grilled on my head.


Walking through the village
Feeling pretty strange
Cold hard adrenaline
Pumping through my veins

Go to meet the people
Find out why I'm there
All the natives do is
Point laugh and stare

The elder tells me
Where I am to go
Off to the valley
Off to the show

I beg him to say
What I am to see
What's it supposed to be

He says an...
Awkward! Dinosaur!
Awkward! Dinosaur!

Awkward awkward dinosaur
That's what we got you for
Do you want to see the gore
Made by awkward dinosaur

I look at him
For the fool he took for
Am I supposed to believe in
Awkward dinosaur!

Go though the valley
Peeking through the trees
Am I here for
Just a fantasy!

Find a large
Opening in the brush
What is that
Start to get a rush

Cause I saw the...
Awkward! Dinosaur!
Awkward! Dinosaur!

Awkward awkward dinosaur
Just what I'm looking for
Awkward awkward dinosaur
Oh my does he roar
Awkward awkward dinosaur
More than I bargained for
From the awkward dinosaur x3

Such an odd look
Coming from his eye
Am I to respect that
Or is it to die

Watched it eat
A deer whole
No need for manners
Or for a bowl

It charges me
As I load my gun
Off to heaven
No more shun

Then I pulled the trigger
Of which I can't ignore
Painted the floor
With awkward dinosaur

Then I
Found out
You can't
Awkward! Dinosaur!
Awkward! Dinosaur!

Awkward awkward dinosaur
You should believe the lore
Awkward awkward dinosaur
Can't stand his bite no more
You should believe the lore
Of the awkward dinosaur


from The Summer Years, released June 28, 2010



all rights reserved


Pepin Maine

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