Twinkle Star, Twinkle

from by Pepin

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This is like a three part song with all of the music being based around the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I'm not sure how the idea was conceived, but I'm sure contraception wouldn't have kept it out.

My friend Stephen Meader did a rap on this song. If you don't know him for some reason you can him out on youtube on the link below.


Why does a star twinkle in the night sky?
Does it mock me
Does it want to die?

Thinks it's so cool
About such and such
Well I'll show him that he's not a dutch

What am I saying
And what are you saying
And what are we saying
Where's the light bulb

I don't even know
Twinkle twinkle star
I'm out to get you

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are

Red, blue, banana, purple
I'm going to paint you
Red, blue, banana, purple

Why do stars have to be so bright
The star there twinkle twinkle at the night time
Why do they just
Why do they just
Twinkle twinkle twinkle

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are

Yo Meader's here, I'm reppin'
For Pepin, feet on the floor I'm steppin'
Out from behind the line, ya know I'm one of a kind
You'll never find a mind that works as fast as mine
I got all kinds a time, cuz I'm still in my prime

See my bling as it's twinkles, like the northern star
Ya know the wise men be comin from near and far
Ta hear the czar, I leave a scar, and my flow be on par
To be the best damn rapper on this side of mars

Now I don't wanna hear ur slurs
My words, they be so tight that they blur
Ya best be callin me sir, ya know I'm awesome for sure
I'm like a dinosaur, GRR, when I be lookin at her
I bet your kitty it purrs
Huh ladies?

Now duck your head as I shoot
I'll pull you up by the root
I make you wish you were mute
A pirate, steal all your loot
You know this shit don't compute
And now I gotta reboot

Now I let Nicco do his thing
With that sick beat that he bring
Ya hear me singin, I flingin,
The words they zingin, they stingin
And all these rhymes I be stringin
Cuz I'm the king of the ring and
I'll put your ass in a sling and
I'm out


from The Summer Years, released June 28, 2010
Nathan Pepin; Stephen Meader



all rights reserved


Pepin Maine

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